Билли Айлиш - SKINNY

Билли Айлиш - SKINNY
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Billie Eilish - SKINNY
Билли Айлиш Скини

I fell in love for the first time
With a friend, it's a good sign
Feelin' off when I feel fine
Twenty-one took a lifetime
People say I look happy
Just because I got skinny
But the old me is still me and maybe the real me, and I think she's pretty

And I still cry, cry
And you know why

Am I acting my age now
Am I already on the way out
When I step off the stage
I'm a bird in a cage, I'm a dog in a dog pound
And you said I was your secret
And you didn't get to keep it
And the internet is hungry for the meat, it's kinda funny that somebody's gotta feed it