Блэкпинк, Лиза - Rockstar

Блэкпинк, Лиза - Rockstar
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Текст песни
Блэкпинк Лиза Рокстар
Блэкпинк Лиса Рок стар
Blackpink, Lisa Rockstar

Gold teeth sittin' on the dash she a rockstar
Make your favorite singer wanna rap, baby, la-la
Lisa can you teach me Japanese I said, "はい, はい!"
That's my life, life, baby, I'm a rockstar

I'm a rockstar I'm a rockstar
It's not hype hype, baby, make you rock hard

Make a wish, babe, what you wanna do
Dippin' outta big cities like a ponzu
It's a fast life, it's an attitude
Put it on the calеndar and tell me when to comе through
Yes, yes I can spend it
Yes, yes no pretendin'
Tight dress, LV sent it
Oh shit, Lisa reppin'